Bio (short)

Colleen O’Connor is a Vancouver-based pianist and singer/songwriter originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta. Her songs are a skillful blend of alternative piano rock and jazz, featuring intricate rhythms, evocative melodies, and thoughtful lyrics. Recorded with producer Winston Hauschild, her debut EP 17 Hoops was released in October 2017. An accomplished musician, Colleen has a diploma in music writing from MacEwan University and a BA degree in piano from Portland State University, where she studied injury prevention and wellness for musicians in the Coordinate Movement Program. She was one of the winners of MacEwan Music Program’s Songwriting Contest in 2003, and a recording of her composition Anatolia was featured on the album Coming Home. 


Bio (long)

Pianist/singer/songwriter Colleen O’Connor makes her home in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta,  she started composing instrumental music as a youngster. During her studies at Grant MacEwan College she developed her creative talents in the Music Writing program. Her piano studies would undergo a setback, as she developed a severe case of tendonitis and was unable to play piano without pain for 3 years.

“Playing the piano was always my voice,” says Colleen. “When that voice was stifled, I had to find a different way to express myself creatively, and emotionally.”

At this point she began to focus more seriously on developing her voice. During her recovery from tendonitis, aided by her studies in the Coordinate Movement Program at Portland State University, she studied with local jazz vocalists,

Colleen has been deeply influenced by her formal studies in classical music and jazz and was initially inspired to start songwriting by such talented artists as Fiona Apple and Sheryl Crow. Colleen says her lyrics are inspired by experiences that she contemplates for a long period of time. “Often I come to a sudden realization, and a song will be written very quickly – as if I can’t write the words down fast enough,” she says. “Even years later, I find the last pieces of a puzzle in the most unexpected places.”

Colleen continues to explore unusual and interesting harmonies, complex rhythmic ideas, and soulful expressions of emotion. Recorded with producer Winston Hauschild, her debut EP 17 Hoops was released on October 23, 2017.