17 Hoops

Colleen O'Connor

Pianist and singer/songwriter Colleen O'Connor releases her debut EP 17 Hoops produced by Winston Hauschild. An amalgam of alternative piano rock and jazz, her thoughtful and incisive songs explore different forms of conflict as well as the interplay of strength and vulnerability.
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CD Liner Notes: 17 Hoops

1. 17 Hoops (4:25)
2. A Partner (3:35)
3. How to Sing (4:38)

Colleen O’Connor piano, vocals, keyboards
Kevin Coles guitar
Winston Hauschild bass, percussion, backing vocals
Michael Simpsonelli drums

Produced by Winston Hauschild
Recorded and mixed by Winston Hauschild at Little Island Studios (Bowen Island, BC)
Piano recorded at The Treehouse Studio (Bowen Island, BC)
Mastered by Brock MacFarlane at CPS Mastering
Photography by Andrée Foglio Photography
Graphic design by Dina MacDougall

All music and lyrics by Colleen Margaret Lea O’Connor ©2017 (SOCAN)
All rights reserved. Made in Canada. MAPL

Thank You
Thanks to Winston, Michael and Kevin for your musicianship. For support, I thank Lisa Marsh, Melisa, Chris Brandt,  BCIT Music Business Class of 2016 (especially Michael Averill, Kas Van Neste Baker, Elle Burston & Ben Rowley), Heather, KCIJK Collective, and Mom & Dad for helping me to finance this project.

Dedicated with love to the memory of Valerie Ditch (1953–2016)

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